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If you start your day with a shower, chances are you’re at least partially relying on it waking you up. You’re not alone.

However, if you suffer from low water pressure, then it’s not doing the job properly. The problem isn’t always to do with the house and the pipes; in fact, you may be putting up with sub-par pressure when a simple fix or equipment swap can solve all your problems.

Turning up the pressure in a weak shower can be that simple, provided you know the cause of the weakness in the first place.


By law, many shower heads are designed to lessen the flow of water in order to deliver only a certain amount per minute. This is all well and good, but many times the principle might be taken a bit too far resulting in low water pressure. A simple way to counter this is to purchase a new shower head – they’re inexpensive items – and look for the washer inside. This is designed to restrict the water flow, but you can widen this with a drill until the water flows properly.

This may solve the problem of a stingy shower head, but if there’s an actual problem you might have to dig deeper. The head is the first place to look if you’re having pressure problems. Often the inside can become clogged, and this requires removing the head and cleaning out whatever may be causing the blockage. Shower heads are usually easy to screw off and on, and don’t require a multitude of special tools.

What is a high pressure shower head?

A high pressure shower head is simply a shower head that people buy if they have low water pressure at home OR they simply have an inefficient shower head that does not provide good enough water pressure for a good showering experience.

A shower head that fixes low water pressure issue is designed to increase the pressure of water while using the same amount of water flow. Many modern shower heads inject air in their chambers which force the pressure of water spray to increase.

Common Reasons for low water pressure at home

The following are some of the causes of low water pressure:

  1. Plumbing leaks – This is very common issues with homes. Plumbing leaks reduce water pressure simply because not enough water is directed to the place at which it should be ( i.e your water outputs ) – If you want to detect leaks, simply switch off all the water outputs & record your water meter reading. After few hours, check your water meter again – Any difference will indicate the leaking problem.
  2. Debris buildup in pipes – This might be another problem. Simply, use chemicals to clear your pipes.
  3. Pressure regulators – There might be a problem with these. So make sure to check them out. There is a video below to illustrate this in detail below.

There might be various other reasons for your low water pressure and getting an expert on this issue is advisable.

How can I improve the water pressure in my shower?

There are various ways you can improve your existing water pressure just by tweaking your shower head a little bit. Three of the ways in which you can do that are:

  1. You could remove the flow restrictor ( also sometimes referred to as water saver ) inside your shower head. However, this would be against the law which restricts the water flow to a maximum of 2.5 Gallon per minute in united states. Additionally, this would also waste a lot of water.
  2. Get your bathroom plumbing checked by a local plumber. This is also a very common issue with a lot of houses. The main reasons are leaks and debris ( as mentioned above ).
  3. Clean your shower head. Mineral deposits could be the root cause of the low pressure of your shower head.

How to know if you have good water pressure at home

The easiest way to check whether you have a good water pressure at your home is to detach your shower head from the water input and analyze the water flow. Additionally, you could check the water pressure at other places too, for example, your basement or any water supply outdoor.

If your water flow is fine, chances are that the problem is in the shower head itself. The easiest fix this issue is to buy a new shower head.

Factors to consider before making your purchase

The first factor to consider is, without a doubt, the money you’d like to spend on a head. While you might be tempted to choose the most pricey one ( thinking it to be the best ) it is always better to check your budget and then choose a product.

It Goes without saying that expensive is not always the best. If you want to choose a nice shower with a strong pressure, it might be reasonable to spend somewhere between 30-60 dollars. However, if you want some advance option, you should view our shower head.

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